iPour has some great news for you!!

As you may have learnt, a recent court case has ruled the use of Flow or FlowTech illegal to use due to copyright infringement. This creates some serious difficulties for many customers who rely on beer monitoring, spirits monitoring and postmix monitoring.

iPour has some great news for users facing this problem. Most customers will be able to use the iPour Beverage Management System software with their existing beer, spirits and postmix monitoring hardware with the implementation of a simple low cost interface module developed here in Australia. This means your investment in hardware is not lost and you will be able to continue monitoring your beverage usage.

Please make contact with iPour either on email at info@ipour.com.au or phone on (02) 9905 4300 to discuss how iPour can validate your hardware is suitable for this option.

You can also use the following form to contact us.