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Beverage Monitoring

iPOUR is a small, innovative operator that provides bespoke solutions. We are specialists in
Beverage Management – it is the only thing we do. Our product works with any POS and any
metering hardware.

The major objective of monitoring is to identify the “black hole” that can exist between volumes
dispensed and what is recorded at the POS and identifies every exception by time, bar and product
for beer and spirits, in real time and by trading period. This is iPOUR’s area of expertise. iPOUR
monitoring eliminates shrinkage.

Shrinkage doesn’t have to be your biggest beverage headache if addressed and managed. Whether through
give-aways, spillage, rounds “on the house”, genuine bartender error or theft; the beverage shrinkage
loss at retail price, can be substantial over the financial year.

iPOUR’s monitoring report package makes it very easy to address daily any issues as they arise. Your
POS reporting only reports on what is “rung-up”.

There are important stages to managing shrinkage:

  • Using the correct hardware to gather accurate flow data
  • Capturing all the flow data and translating it into useable information
  • Identifying and understanding the cause of exceptions and taking action to correct or eliminate this cause.

Shrinkage doesn’t have to be the biggest single beverage headache. With iPOUR’s beverage monitoring in place,
shrinkage can be brought into sharp focus and managed to minimise the loss thus deliver budgeted GP or gross profit.

iPOUR recommends that beer and spirits are jointly monitored when addressing your monitoring needs.

Why You Need Monitoring

Beverage sales contribute approximately 60% of non-gaming GP and beer represents a substantial part of your
beverage sales. It should be important to you to get your beer GP on budget.

Reviewing your daily dispensing data and exploring any anomalies in the previous days trading is the
cornerstone to achieving your budgeted beverage GP, week-in, week-out. This ensures there are no more
nasty surprises and write-offs accompanying the beverage stocktake.

Monitored spirits, beer and wine all are married to the venue POS record and this reconciliation can be
viewed in real time. Its value is that it identifies shrinkage from all sources – incorrect gassing, poor
pouring, heavy pouring, drinks given away, mechanical problems, money not reaching the POS.

Monitoring also handles bulk cider, post mix and wine should that be required

Beer losses are typically around 8% for unmonitored outlets. This reduces to less than 3% for monitored outlets.

Bars can lose up to 10 spirit drinks from each litre dispensed. The average trading loss from free pouring
is between 4 to 5 nips per litre. This equates to 15% to 17.75% per litre

Total SHRINKAGE when hand pouring (free pour) averages, as follows:

  • over pouring (heavy pouring) and spillage averages 10%+ which means 3.5 drinks lost per litre
  • give-aways average 5% + which means 1.5 drinks never reach the POS from each litre dispensed

Your monitoring data facilitates a very exact investigation of the circumstances – because the loss time,
beer line, font and volume are easily identified.

Key Features of iPOUR Monitoring

  • Works with any hardware, including installed hardware already on site
  • Works with any POS package
  • iPOUR System captures all data, even at the busiest times
  • Helps you achieve the budgeted GP
  • Identifies all shrinkage events
  • Stocktake time and losses greatly reduced
  • Pays for itself within the first year – often within the first 6 months

Key Benefits from Monitoring

  • Over pouring, give-aways, cash skimming become a thing of the past. Any shrinkage is identified and highlighted as it occurs and summarised daily.
  • The daily report is supplemented with real-time, access locally on-site or across the Internet if viewing if required off-site.
  • Minimise losses uncovered at stocktake and stocktake write-offs, by resolving shrinkage daily. Reduces time spent managing and counting stock.
  • Nominated issues and exceptions can be SMS’d as they occur to nominated management staff.
  • We identify the point of inflection between actual dispensed movement down the line and the POS sales receipt for that product, by bar, using POS clock. This allows for easy investigation of the aberrant event.

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