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Spirits Dispensing

iPOUR is justifiably proud of the BMS™ Spirit system’s long term performance, justifying the over $1 Million dollar investment in creating a world class beverage management system. iPOUR’s mission is to ensure our on premise partners achieve their budgeted Beverage GP daily. The average spirit loss for non iPOUR operators is currently between 7% and 23% GP points. Recuperating these losses and turning them into full retail sales has a significant positive impact on the beverage GP since beverage cost, overhead and labour are already paid for.

The dispensing of spirits is tightly controlled by Federal Legislation administered by the Department of Fair Trading. The National Measurement Institute, which is part of the CSIRO is charged with the responsibility of certifying equipment under Federal Regulation 60 of the National Measurement Regulations 1999. iPOUR’s holds Certificate of Approval 5/6S/15 issued in November 2008

Spirits dispensing is undertaken in one of 3 approved methods:

  • Hand: Spirits are poured into a measuring cup and then poured into a glass
  • Optics: Spirits are gravity fed from overhead inverted bottles feeding a 30mL reservoir
  • Bulk: Spirits are supplied from remote reservoirs and dispensed by tower or gun

iPOUR recommend a combination of bulk and hand pour to get the best outcome between stock security and profitability i) bulk for busy venues and back of house and ii) hand pour for the back bar premium spirits and small venues dispensing less than 10L of spirits weekly.

spirits-tower-displays spirits-serving

Bulk Spirits:

Tower fonts will compliment Star’s format, giving you the flexibility to dispense up to 8 spirits  per tower and provide Consumer communication through a bartop TFT display (see above).


  1. Tower with 7” Consumer facing  TFT screen
  2. Control unit under the bar – one for each tower
  3. Remotely located bulk spirit reservoirs with bespoke product lines to the font.
  4. Media Software Package that enhances Star’s communications and marketing by providing for Community announcements and in-house promotions.
  5. Each tower has its own IP address facilitating remote diagnostics and support

The media Package is a compelling difference between iPOUR and its competitors. It can be tailored to each key trading area – different messages on different screens. Consumers drink with their eyes making the iPOUR TFT screen a  powerful dispensing and media tool. 70% of all drink decisions aren’t finalised until the Consumer gets to the bar

iPOUR Spirit Dispensing and Monitoring System Features:

  • Up to 8 bespoke spirit lines per tower
  • Dispense two pre-set measures (15 ml and 30 ml)
  • Fast with better than 99.% accuracy per serving owing to iPOUR’s proprietary technology
  • Dispense font occupies a minimal bar foot print freeing up bar space
  • Commercially robust and dependable long term solution.
  • ‘Life of Product’ service contract ensuring 100% product performance, 24/7


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