iPOUR’s value proposition is to ensure you achieve your  budgeted beverage GP every day.

We achieve this by measuring the beverage (bulk beer, spirits cider and post mix) volumes and compare them, in real time, to POS takings. Because we work with all POS systems, no operational impact occurs requiring staff training.

We are licensed by the National Measurement Institute (CSIRO) and comply with all Federal Legislation administered by Fair Trading.

The issues and future of the on-premise industry were clearly stated by Ferrier Hodgson in their Industry Insight Report of 10 Feb 2015:

Despite the “romance” commonly associated with pubs, Maher told Australian Hotelier that they are a specialised asset requiring operational experience, quality processes and management control systems (MCS) to operate efficiently.

Best Practice GP% Average GP% Poor Performers GP%
Beverage G.P. > 67% 62% < 55%
Food G.P > 63% 54% <45%

Ferrier Hodgson’s Hospitality specialists stress the importance of having quality processes and management control systems in place to achieve a best practice GP%. iPOUR’s systems ensure you achieve best practice beverage margins.

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