We can put you behind the bar, able to see pours, sales and discrepancies in real time from anywhere in the world.

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What’s different about iPOUR?

iPOUR provides beer monitoring as a service,
on a monthly tax-deductible subscription basis:

  • No copyright, software or licensing disputes, or ongoing fees
  • No hardware purchase or maintenance costs
  • No need for upfront capital outlay
  • Pays for itself from the first month

Cost of not using iPOUR

  • Time lost investigating discrepancies
  • Inaccurate stock data, time taken up stocktaking
  • Lost cash for unrecorded sales
  • Delay before discovering losses
  • Continued unaccounted-for wastage
  • Unknowns are far greater without iPOUR
  • Lack of quality information to make informed decisions

Find out how Australia’s Leading Hospitality Venues are achieving their budgeted beverage GP Daily while simultaneously minimising stock-take time and costs.
Give us 30 minutes and we’ll show you how!

Welcome to iPOUR®

Identify shrinkage by tracking every drop of beer dispensed on every tap.

Australia’s iPOUR®’s Bulk Beverage Management System is the hospitality’s leading beverage monitoring system.

The industry average GP shrinkage of 12% will be reduced to 2% with the iPOUR®’s proprietary system providing actionable data in real time.

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Achieve your Bulk Beverage GP….
Every Day!

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Increase Profits
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The problem of Unaccounted Pours!

Hospitality industry GP Shrinkage for bulk beverages from all causes ranges from 8% to 40% at cost.

The Industry’s average losses on bulk beverages are:

  • Beer 8% -12%,
  • Spirits 12% – 23%
  • Postmix and wine up to 40%

Let iPOUR® help you identify your GP losses accurately

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How Does Shrinkage Occur?

  • Theft
  • Pouring errors
  • Accidents

    And can be a combination of any of the following:

  • Drinks not making it into the POS
  • Dispenses out of trading Hours
  • Over Pouring
  • Cellar Accidents

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Are you loosing Beer?

iPOUR® is Australia’s leading provider of Bulk Beverage Management Systems.

Track every drop of dispensed Beer, Spirits and Post Mix.

iPOUR® provides a TOTAL beverage solution for Casinos, Bars, Pubs, Clubs and Restaurants.

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Solutions iPOUR® Offer

For managed Venues you can access your real-time data 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Many Casinos, Bars, Clubs, Pubs and Restaurants have common issues with tracking their revenue and managing their profits.

We offer solutions to Shrinkage so you never need to worry again about where your losses are occurring.

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100% Australian Owned and Developed.

Detailed Insights

Provides actionable insights into bulk beverage issues.

Track and Measure your profits on a daily basis.


Real-time Information

Customer Defined Alerts. Example : Email & SMS Daily Dashboard Report


Stock Taking Tool

Know your current inventory levels. No need to complete weekly physical stock takes its all done on the fly


Timely Variance Reports

24/7 Access to live data Worldwide, for real-time monitoring


Use our Secure Portal to give you 24/7 access to your Venue’s Data

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