What are the Costs

Competitors are hand pour and ETN’s when it comes to products

When was the last time you made your budgeted beverage GP each day; every day?
Do you only know your true cost of shrinkage after a stocktake?
What is the cost in time and frustration?
How accurate is your stocktake?

Take the guess work out of shrinkage!

  • iPOUR can identify your shrinkage – overpouring, drinks not making it to the POS, cellar accidents
  • Would you like alerts for events
  • Want to know your dispensing and POS transaction reconciliation, in real time
  • Want to be advised each morning of the anomalies and know exactly where to look


What’s your current shrinkage rate on house pour spirits?

  • # of 6 bottle ETN units
  • # of wifi bottle pourers
  • Approximate weekly liters of house (first) pour spirits purchased
  • iPOUR background info for calculation
  • What is your current shrinkage %
  • Replacement cost of a 6 bottle ETN is $3,500
  • Cost of 6 pouring brand wifi measures and hardware is $ (I’ll supply this)
  • Plus your annual maintenance cost (average of 2 years)
  • Cost of shrinkage


How many beer taps do you have?
(Indicative cost)

Are you achieving your Beverage GP at the moment?

According to an article in “The Shout” (10/02/2015), Ferrier Hodgson’s hospitality specialist Patrick Maher stressed the importance of having quality processes and management control systems in place to achieve a best practice beverage GP%. Pubs and Clubs are a specialised asset requiring operational expertise, quality processes and management control systems to operate efficiently. iPOUR brings this to the table.

In a recent study, Club Owners and Managers listed their three major issues as:

  • Getting a consistent Beverage GP, week-in, week out, in line with budget
  • Timely, accurate beverage trading results – avoiding stocktake and GP surprises
  • Lack of early identification of exceptions affecting the Beverage GP, for investigation

iPOUR’s bulk beer metering and monitoring directly address these three issues.

Calculate Your Costs

Total AUD

    What are the Benefits of our Software System?

    iPOUR benefits are:

    • Our lease costs are as low as 6.0% (the current bank equipment leasing rate) and the monthly lease payment is a fully deductible operating cost, for tax purposes
    • As the lessor, iPOUR will be responsible for the maintenance of the equipment, for the term of the lease
    • Conserves cash flow and your credit limit at the bank
    • No risk of technology obsolescence; greater flexibility to replace/update the equipment
    • The transaction is off balance sheet
    • Accounting for a lease payment is straight forward
    • There is no security deposit, set-up fee, acquisition cost or disposition fee

    At the end of the equipment leasing, Venues will have the option to upgrade to new technology, purchase the assets for a peppercorn payment of $100, or simply return the equipment. There are no hidden clauses or residual value liability issues..


    Provides actionable insights into bulk beverage issues.

    Track and Measure your profits on a daily basis.



    Customer Defined Alerts.
    Example : Email & SMS
    Daily Dashboard Report


    Stock Taking

    Know your current inventory levels.
    No need to complete
    weekly physical stock takes its all done on the fly


    Timely Variance

    24/7 Access to live data Worldwide, for real-time monitoring


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